sophistry: ([Aubreyad] Surprise is on our side)
Sophie ([personal profile] sophistry) wrote2010-11-15 02:48 am
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sure as there's carts to horses

Safe and sound at home again,
Let the waters roar, Jack.
Safe and sound at home again,
Let the waters roar, Jack.
Long we've tossed on the rolling main,
Now we're safe ashore, Jack;
Don't forget your old shipmates,

Or: it's the seventh anniversary of the release of Master & Commander (in some timezones, anyway), I finished my Module 1 essay more than twelve hours before the deadline (quality notwithstanding), and I am slightly more-than-tipsy while watching the greatest (b)romance of all time.


And I may or may not have an SFF-geek tea-party tomorrow, and a Museum Studies/Archaeology/History Societies mixer on Wednesday.

Life could be worse. Life could definitely be worse.

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