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oh my god, how do I even.

- essay got handed in. on time. YAY.

- full week of classes while still basically running on fumes. BOO.


- museum society day trip to oxford today, YAY4509384.

- I spoke to the director of the pitt rivers museum and actually asked questions that didn't sound stupid, triple yay.

- we got off the bus home and tripped and accidentally a pub for five hours and oh my god I am dying

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You are adorable.

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Last night me, my mum, my dad, my uncle, his wife, and my cousin all went to an Irish night for a mental health charity. We thought this would be some kind of ceili - it was in fact a nightclub lit entirely with bright green lights while a terrible band occasionally played something close to "The Fields of Athenry". Cousin and I started having a good time when we realised that we were in a night club with our parents, at a Diaspora Disco, and the whole thing was incredibly funny.

Strangely enough, it got progressively more funny the more wine I had as well. XD
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Sounds like you've been having a fabulous time!