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Sophie ([personal profile] sophistry) wrote2010-12-16 10:44 pm

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Sooo. Updating fail, much?

Well, okay, not precisely. Those of you who have me friended on Facebook (and who check it with any regularity) will have noticed an uptick of approximately 34958304% in my updates since, oh, the end of September. What can I say; I may have had principles once, but Facebook is how pretty much everyone on the course communicates with each other, and... well, I suppose there are only so many banal updates about lectures and icy weather and the eternal battle for copies of library books that I can make in a given week. Go figure!

Anyway, I'm not even going to try and sum up. Tomorrow is the last day of term, and the past few weeks have been almost ridiculously intense (rants for another time: Collections Trust RAEG, and how very much I would love a consistent class schedule), so everyone is pretty much staggering blindly towards the finish line at this point. However! Good things:

- Today was a field trip to Cambridge with my fellow Digital Media & Curatorship special option-ers and my favouritest favourite professor, whom I am pretty certain subsists on pure enthusiasm and glee. I didn't get to go check out any of the gorgeous college architecture or the like, but that's just because - even though everything between noon and 4pm was optional, to allow us to go exploring - about 90% of us just ended up following Favourite Professor around from museum speaker to museum speaker like a line of adoring, starry-eyed ducklings. Also he handed out juice boxes on the bus ride back. JUICE BOXES. ♥________________♥ so absurdly charmed, I can't even. dsflkjasldkfjalsdf

- Tomorrow, we get to spend the entire afternoon in groups developing final pitches for digital media applications/projects for a local museum. There are three different groups with three different concepts - and since this is for Favourite Professor, everyone is super into it, but also super competitive. EXCITED. (Ours is totally the best. Totally. WE WILL WIN HIS APPROVAL.)

- I get to go home on Wednesday! My own bed! A tv! Christmas tree! Someone to cook my meals and do my laundry for a whole three weeks! Though I will totally attempt a butternut squash pie if I can locate the ingredients/remember how to work our oven. Plan for next year: adopt an American so we have an excuse to celebrate Thanksgiving and make pumpkin pie.

- It was so cold when we trickled off the bus this evening that when I inhaled, my teeth hurt. MY TEETH AREN'T EVEN THAT SENSITIVE. Fortunately, ginger wine exists for just such occasions. Mmmm, spicy warmth in my belly.

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