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Sophie ([personal profile] sophistry) wrote2010-12-22 01:23 pm

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Ninety percent of flights in and out of Dublin airport are cancelled or delayed due to snow. Unlike most of the rest of Europe, East Midlands airport was doing fine - until an unforecast fuckton of snow fell last night, which is still coming down. Ryanair flights are getting cancelled left, right and centre, including one that was supposed to go out to Dublin this morning. I am physically wearing nearly every single piece of clothing I am bringing home in order to be able to also bring (about half of) the books I need to study and people's Christmas presents, and to not get thereby charged £20 for every kilo over the 15kg limit for checked baggage. My cabin baggage weighs 10kg - all books, none leisure.

Scheduled take-off: 4 hours, 15 minutes.

Airport coach departure: 1 hour.

Taxi ETA: 25 minutes.

Let's do this thing.

P.S. I got a First on my Mod I essay. Top 5% of the class, bitches.

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