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LJ Hook for Chrome (sort of) - Dreamwidth compatible

I did a thing!

So, Firefox has an excellent extension called LiveJournal Hook, which adds a right-click menu to the update/comment boxes on LJ, for easy insertion of HTML and site-specific tags. It's compatible with Dreamwidth, and includes the ability to save your own custom bits of text or code to add to the menu.

Chrome, alas, does not have LJ Hook, and there are at present no plans to port it. What Chrome does have is the Insert Text extension, which, similar to LJ Hook, allows you to save custom snippets to a right-click menu and drop them into any text area.

What it also does, is allow you to import pre-configured text snippets.

Take one free afternoon, a cup of common HTML tags, and a liberal dash of LJ & DW-specific markup, mix well, and let set.

LJ Chook

First, install Insert Text, and download this text file: LJ Chook (right click, save as).

Go to the Insert Text options page, choose 'Import' from the sidebar, and browse to the LJ Chook.txt file (or, you can open the file and paste the contents into the import box). Hit the import button.

Now, when you right-click on any text input area - such as an entry/comment box - you should see an 'Insert Text' menu option with a whole range of options that will drop HTML tags into your text area.


ETA: Sometimes the imported options will not show up immediately in your right-click menu. If this happens, all you need to do is to create a new folder or snippet in Insert Text - you can leave it blank. Check afterwards that the options are showing up; if so, then you can go ahead and delete the empty folder/snippet that you created.


Importing the LJ Chook file will give you the HTML options for the following:

  • LJ Specific:
    • LJ Cut

    • LJ User

    • DW User

    • DW Comm

    • Embed Media

    • Raw Code

  • Dreamwidth Specific:
    • Cut

    • DW User (/Comm)

    • LJ User (/Comm)

    • Raw Code

  • LJ & DW
    • User links with icons for:
      • AO3

      • Blogspot

      • DeadJournal

      • Delicious

      • DeviantArt

      • Inksome

      • InsaneJournal

      • JournalFen

      • Last.FM

      • Pinboard

      • Plurk

      • Ravelry

      • Twitter

      • Tumblr

      • Wordpress

  • General
    • Image

    • Link

    • Email

    • List
      • Bullet List

      • Numeric List

      • Alphabetic Lowercase*

      • Alphabetic Uppercase*

      • Roman Numeral Lowercase*

      • Roman Numeral Uppercase*

    • Blockquote

    • Pre

    • Spoiler*

    • Horizontal Rule

    • Bold

    • Italic

    • Underline

    • Strike

    • Big

    • Small

    • Other Font Size

    • Font Color

    • Background Color*

    • Font
      • Georgia

      • Palatino Linotype

      • Times New Roman

      • Arial

      • Helvetica

      • Arial Black

      • Comic Sans MS

      • Impact

      • Lucida Sans Unicode

      • Tahoma

      • Trebuchet MS

      • Verdana

      • Courier New

      • Lucida Console

    • Letter Spacing*

    • Line Height*

    • Superscript

    • Subscript

    • Uppercase*

    • Lowercase*

    • Indent*

    • Justify
      • Right

      • Left

      • Center

      • Block

*Due to the way LJ strips CSS, these are not supported in LJ comments (but work fine in LJ entries, and in both entries and comments on DW).

Some code snippets will contain the text 'XXXXXX', or similar; this is where you put in the value (i.e. font size/color code/user name/etc.) that you want.

And voila! I hope this is useful for people; if you find that it is, feel free to link other needy Chrome users back here at will. And if there are any glaring omissions, or you catch a mistake in any of the code snippets, please comment and let me know!

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