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Sophie ([personal profile] sophistry) wrote2012-01-26 02:57 am

DreamCatcher - a filtering tool for DW and LJ

I did another thing! For Chrome and Firefox this time.

Good: Via a bit of URL wizardry, both Dreamwidth and LiveJournal allow you to filter entries by multiple tags, and - in communities - by poster. Awesome!

Bad: The only place these functions are noted on either site is in the FAQs, where you have to go and look up the formulae every time you want to use them. Boo!


DreamCatcher is a filtering tool for Dreamwidth and LiveJournal. It allows you to filter journal entries on either site by:
  • poster

  • multiple tags (and) - all posts tagged with both tag1 and tag2

  • multiple tags (or) - all posts tagged with either tag1 or tag2

CHROME: Chrome users can install the DreamCatcher extension by clicking here.

FIREFOX: Firefox users can use DreamCatcher by snagging the bookmarklets on this page, and dragging them onto their bookmarks toolbar.

Filter on, my fellow geeks, vexed no more by the trials of awkward copy-pasting.

I should note at this point that I know nothing about Javascript, Chrome extensions, or, indeed, anything. At all. So if you spot a bug, please let me know, and I'll do my best to figure out where I messed up.

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