Jan. 15th, 2007

  • 4:30 PM
sophistry: ([BSG] so doing it)
I am so. tired. The past few nights, I've been sleeping these huge ten, eleven, twelve-hour stretches, with my alarm not even penetrating the coma - which is, I admit, a nice change from lying awake and tossing and turning - but I still feel like I could curl up under the desk in the computer lab and take a nice, long nap.


Though apparently sleepiness can be a side-effect of the Lexapro, so hopefully it will go away once the Lexapro starts to normalise itself into my system. On which note: I've been taking it for nearly a week now, which is the lower end of the starting-to-notice-a-definite-difference-in-moods mark, and... hmm. I think so. I'm still definitely up and down, but perhaps less intensely so - insofar as I can tell. Of course, that might also just be because I'm drowsy all the time.


I may have seen the first two episodes of *cough*Torchwood*cough*, and I may be mumblemumblemildlyintriguedmumble.


Othernewsly... I got nothing. What is up with all of you?