Oct. 11th, 2007

  • 5:58 PM
sophistry: ([Tenipuri] *_*)
BAD: My blanket miserliness is on occasion disrupted by bouts of intense impulse buying.
GOOD: I now own the Revelations TPB, volumes one and two of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and volume one (unexpectedly signed!) of 30 Days of Night. Oops?

BAD: I might die of required reading this year.
GOOD: My courses (Sport & Spectacle in the Ancient World and Anthropology & the Greeks) look, in the wake of their introductory lectures, like they might be so awesome that I may well explode from gleeful intellectual overstimulation, first.

BAD: If I don't keep a close eye on myself, I may find myself in danger of developing a debilitating crush on the teacher of the latter.
GOOD: He's really tall and lean and good-looking and English and glasses-y and young-but-just-starting-to-show-salt-and-pepper and has a really dorky smile sense of humour and in the halfway break during the two-hour lecture we had a conversation about the anthropology of online communities and he's a doctor. UM.

BAD: I feel sort of peaky this afternoon - clammy and queasy and kind of dizzy.
GOOD: This set in after my traipsing around town assembling the final Components of a Thing that fills me with benevolent glee, and is an excuse to kick back and watch MOAR AVATAR.