Aug. 21st, 2008

  • 10:09 PM
sophistry: ([Aubreyad] i'm not crazy i swear)
Because I just realised I never posted it, and it is juuust long enough to warrant doing so, a comment drabble (which really became more of a ficlet) that I wrote for [ profile] genarti back in... March. Oops.

(Further O'Brian-flavoured tidbits to be found here. Warning: insanity.)

The prompt: Aubreyad folks meet waterbenders.

scuba soph: The problem with Aubreyad drabbles: a character can't even tie his shoelaces in a hundred words.
ravelfic: heeeee
ravelfic: true

Untitled Aubreyad/Avatar crossover. Sort of. [Rated J for Jack's Puns, and U for Unbeta'd] )

Mar. 27th, 2008

  • 12:59 PM
sophistry: ([Aubreyad] captain tightpants)
Okay, the bulk of today is for writing up find/artefact descriptions for an index, and some gentle editing of Ch. 1. This is not brain-numbing in a bad way, but that isn't to say that I won't need periodic entertainment. So, with the usual caveats about completion: drabble requests! But, to mix things up a bit and because I had terrible amounts of fun with the last ones, I am especially looking for crossover requests. Give me two or more canons (or characters from said canons, or 'character A in universe B', etc.), and I will cross them over. If you're feeling adventurous, include a prompt as well - anything from a word or a scenario to a song lyric or picture/icon.

As usual, you guys more or less know my fandoms, and if you know I've read/seen/am familiar via osmosis with something, I'm willing to take a swing at it. If I can't, or if I don't know a requested canon/character at all, I'll let you know, and you can ask for summat else.